On Why I Remain an AtheistIn June 2013 I published, On Why I Remain an Atheist, the third instalment of a series that detail my journey through Christian Town, where I stayed for a few nights, to Atheist City, where I still find myself.

Part I is a reflection on how I became a Christian at aged 19, and Part II is a “coming-out” letter to my parents that explains how, with a dash of why, I became an atheist. These two articles require no further attention from me.

My reasons for remaining an atheist, however, evolve over time—i.e. Part III needs to be revised and expanded. The following collection of articles aims to describe and justify my atheistic position.

Grab a beer, I’ve much to say.

  1. Introduction to Atheism
  2. Burden of Proof
  3. Religious Experiences
  4. Faith
  5. The Bible, Part I: Absurdities
  6. More to come…




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