The Blood Priest – Reasons for Neglect

The Blood Priest – Reasons for Neglect

I don’t know if there are people who miss my articles, but I sure miss writing this blog… I thought I’d share the reason behind the neglect.

I’ve succoured a desire to write a novel for a long time. Last year, after a decent amount of planning and outlining, I started to write a story that’s tickled my brain for a few years. I’m having an absolute blast writing it, but I desperately under-appreciated the effort and dedication it requires to write a hundred-thousand words with a modicum of coherence, let alone beautiful prose, believable dialogue, etc. And so, I devote free time to the book, lest it take a decade to complete.

The blog suffers, but I’m excited to share what I’m working on. The book is called, The Blood Priest, and I’m writing under the pen name, Lee Aaron-Goodacre. It is a dark fantasy of a disillusioned priest—and torturer—trying to save the life of his estranged son. There is a literary trope, write what you know, and I know about losing faith. Below is concept cover and blurb.

You can download a preview (pdf,mobi,epub) of the novel from my author’s website, I’m always looking for alpha readers to help me improve the manuscript. Give it a read, and if you’re interested to help me, get in touch… If you read it just for fun, please let me know what you think!

The Blood Priest - Blurb

I apologise for the disruption to your regular programming.


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