Why Are You Atheists So Angry!?

Why Are You Atheists So Angry!?

This is to become my go-to answer.

“Oh, you atheists are so angry.”

“Here, watch this, and get back to me.”

Greta Christina’s talk is a tour de force; one of the best I’ve heard in recent memory.




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  1. Hear, hear. That was excellent. I was recently told by someone who lives in the Netherlands, and appears to be clueless about what religion has done in this country (U.S.) and elsewhere and continues to do, that my methodologies are not effective methods for social change. Here’s what she said on my blog when I asked two questions for those of the Abrahamic faiths:

    “Uhm, I do not quite know how to put this – because I have started to really care for you and therefore your feelings: why quote scripture to fight scripture. Really it is all just invented – people create stories to make sense of chaos. Stories can be used for good or evil. If used long enough, loudly enough people believe them to be the truth.

    So, I believe if you want to move away from the evil of the church you have to create alternatieve stories.

    I would even understand if you would highlight the beauty and compassion that can be found in the sciptures – if you should choose to, but I cannot understand why you would keep alive what you think should be left behind.”

    Whooosh. I was embarrassed for her. She sits in a cushy county of equality — human rights that didn’t come about by the methodologies she’s encouraging me to use. As was mentioned in the video, she was basically telling me to shut up — to disempower me.

    Thank you for sharing this video. It’s inspired me to keep bringing awareness. Hobby Lobby and 100 other businesses are suing the government because they feel that contraceptives go against their “sincere religious beliefs”. If the SCOTUS favors these religious business, and all indications show they win, religious corporations and business will be considered people of faith and have the right to undermine other people’s rights. The ramifications are daunting to say the least.

    Yes — I am angry and I won’t apologize.

  2. I fall under “one who attempts to live in peace” w/ the religious folk. Though I am “conserving my anger” and letting the energy of that to guide my consumption of knowledge, beauty and insight. Thanks for the post, I’ve never watched this.

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