Did he, or didn’t he?

Did he, or didn’t he?

Jesus. Did he even exist? I don’t care about the answer all that much, to be honest. After all, we may reasonably dismiss the myth of his superpowers. I do, however, find it interesting that the case for the historical Jesus is not settled, and there is good reason to doubt that the eccentric preacher existed as a man. It is a telling fact…

Richard Carrier is a historian and in this lecture he questions the evidence for Jesus. The talk is informative and entertaining. I highly recommend the lecture (starts at 24:51) and the Q&A (starts at 1:06:00).


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  1. funny that – he really wanted to get away from the superpower thing himself. I guess he did exist – it was a Roman colony after all, and those guys invented bureaucracy. Sorry, not watching all that. I don’t really care either.

      • To be honest, from what little i’ve read (which isn’t a lot) I don’t find Ehrman’s reasons to believe in a historical Jesus to be all that convincing. He seems, if i’ve understood his position, that the spread of the religion is evidence in and by itself… which is nonsense.

        As Carrier said in some other lecture i watched months ago, mythicism is where OT scholarship was 50 years ago. Either way, i’m not moved by whether there was a Jesus or not.

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