Morality, The Christian God, And The Problem Of Evil

Morality, The Christian God, And The Problem Of Evil

Sam Harris has a talent for communicating with clarity; it is one the Horseman’s qualities that endears me to him. In this remarkable ten-minute speech, he explains Christianity’s problem of evil, and its complete lack of moral accountability. It is devastating.

Sam recently discovered that this short clip of his long debate with apologist William Lane Craig, at the University of Notre Dame, was popular on YouTube—it has over a million views. He provided a good quality sound clip of the speech, and encouraged people to animate it. This is one of the responses, and I think it’s rather nice.



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    • Allow me to say what Bogart never did : “Play it again, Sam”. Hitch has gone. Thank Whomever or Whatever You Like, Harris is still with us.

    • I listened to a Rogen podcast. Yeah, entertaining. I have actually come across him before. I disagreed with a fair amount of some of the things he said in the particular podcast I watched, but he said some good stuff too. Thanks for the heads up.

      • No problem! Definitely, take what he says with a grain of salt. Just based on what he says about Brazil, with so much certainty, gave me the heads up. I’ve been living here for 5 years so any romantic notions I have about the place were beaten out of me the hard way. But anyhow, it is a very positive theme he has going. I am glad you liked it!

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